Tandır Cafe & Restaurant Ortahisar

Tandoori (Tandır) is a traditional cooking method used across Asia from Turkey to India. An integral part of Turkish cooking, it sums up the wholesome and hearty culture of Turkish cuisine.


A tandoori (Tandır in Turkish) is the name of the clay pot used in this slow-cooking method. The earthenware pots are placed over a fire in a stone (or clay) oven to bake.

Tandır Restaurant has been offering Cappadocia visitors tandoor dishes and traditional Turkish mezzes since 2011. Our restaurant is always open for the lunch and dinner as an a la carte menu (to choose menu).


Also, you can come without reservation but we advise you to book for advance or ask for availability on busy days.

We are waiting you to have dinner in a decent environment with your loved ones in accompanied by live music at the weekends.

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Tel: 0 384 343 2021
E-Posta: info@tandirrestaurant.com
Adres:Manzara ve Kültür Parkı, Ortahisar,Ürgüp,Nevşehir
GSM   : + 90 545 374 4702
E-Posta: info@tandirrestaurant.com



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