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Our Restaurant has been started to serve in 2011 by Zülfiye Mantar. Tandır Cafe & Restaurant is located in Ortahisar Manzara ve Kültür Park and in the valley slope in Ortahisar town of Cappadocia. It has a view of Ortahisar Castle and Erciyes mountains. There are two old rock churches within the our Cafe’s boundaries.

We started with a narrow menu and we have been expanding our menu with each passing day. We continue to immortalize unforgettable moments with our guests. As Tandır Cafe & Restaurant, we aware the customer satisfaction is very important and we always try to make our valued guests feel comfortable and like at home. We work heartily to see your smile and happiness in your faces as you leave your Cappadocia region.

As the name suggest, we continue to offer the most famous and delicious tandoori meals of the Cappadocia region.

Also, we have opportunity to serve about 70-75 people with closed area (about 50 people) and terrace area (20-25 people).

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Rezervasyon İçin İletişim:
Tel: 0 384 343 2021
E-Posta: info@tandirrestaurant.com
Adres:Manzara ve Kültür Parkı, Ortahisar,Ürgüp,Nevşehir
GSM   : + 90 545 374 4702
E-Posta: info@tandirrestaurant.com



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