Tandır Cafe & Restaurant is located in Ortahisar which is a small town in Cappadocia. Ortahisar is a town of Nevşehir. It is located on the Nevşehir-Ürgüp highway, it is short of 5km from Ürgüp. If you want to see tourist attractions like Ortahisar Castle, old rock churches, cultural park, you can easily reach them from our restaurant.

If you have plan to come by bus first you should reach to the center of Nevsehir. From Nevşehir, you can reach to the Ortahisar town by using local transportation. For those who prefer air travel, the closest airports in the region are located in Nevsehir and Kayseri. You can reach the Ortahisar from airports by using shuttles, transportation possibilities of your hotel or local transportation.

If you plan to come by using your own vehicle, Ortahisar is located at 5th kilometer on Nevşehir-Ürgüp highway.

The distance between Kayseri and Ortahisar is 104 kilometers and it takes about 1 hour by vehicle.

The distance between Ankara and Ortahisar is 300 kilometers and it takes about 3 hours by vehicle.

The distance between İstanbul and Ortahisar is 753 kilometers and it takes about 7 hours and 31 minutes.

You can get more detailed information by using navigation from the map below.

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